Universal Battery Charger


Easily charge any compact battery pack with Cellet Universal battery charger.


Having trouble charging your phone? Take out your battery and insert it into the Universal USB Home/Travel Battery Charger. Equipped with an adjustable dock, this charger has the ability to accommodate most battery sizes (up to 3 inches in length). It features automatic detection of polarity that takes the guesswork out of battery orientation and placement and it automatically stops charging when your battery is full. The purple LED indicator shows an active charge state and the blue LED indicator shows a full charge. It also contains an USB port that allows you to charge another device as you charge your phone battery. The compact and lightweight design with folding electrical prongs makes it a convenient accessory to carry with you.

  • Adjustable dock charges any removable phone battery (up to 3in length)
  • USB port available to charge another device simultaneously
  • Floating pins features automatic detection of polarity – it will recognize automatically the positive / negative charges
  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Desktop charging output: DC 4.2V, 500mAh Max / USB output: DC 5.0-5.5V 1000mAh


Any device with removable battery


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