About Cellet, Inc.

Cellet’s beginning in 2000 was a humble one, but always had hopes of becoming one of the leading mobile accessory brand.

Cellet products are now available at more than 5,000 major distributors and retailers throughout the United States, and Cellet is currently expanding its market to South & Central America, Canada, and Europe.

At Cellet, we are committed to creating accessories with convenience and utility in mind. Naturally, simple and minimalist styling do play a important role in our designing process.

Cellet products are made by the highest standard & manufacturing affiliates throughout the world with special emphasis on premium quality and outstanding craftsmanship.

Having moved into a new 50,000 sq. ft warehouse facility in Cerritos. California in August 2011, Cellet has a new momentum to incorporate all new changes that the latest mobile technology demand today.

Every department in our company is dedicated to performing its best to bring your imaginations to life and to lead the wireless world. Cellet will constantly strive for the best solutions for your demands of mobile device accessories in this dynamic world.