General trademark guidelines

You may use Cellet trademarks (but not logos or taglines) to identify Cellet products, services, and programs on packaging, promotional, and advertising materials, provided you meet the following guidelines:

  1. You may not include any Cellet trademark in your company name, product or service name, or domain name.
  2. You may not include any Cellet trademark in your social media account name, page(s) or community, without written authorization from Cellet, except to describe the purpose by referring to the Cellet product (“Forum for Cellet Users,” for example).
  3. You may not include any Cellet logo or product icon design, whole or in part, in your company logo, your product logo, your app launch tile image, in your software product or service or in your social media account, page(s) or community images without a prior written license from Cellet..
  4. You should use an appropriate generic term after an Cellet trademark the first time it appears in a publication and as often as possible after that. See examples of appropriate generic terms for use with Cellet trademarks
  5. Your product name may not be confusingly similar to any Cellet trademark.
  6. You may not use any Cellet trademark on or in connection with any obscene or pornographic materials, and your use of any Cellet trademark may not be disparaging, defamatory, or libelous to Cellet, any of its products, or any person or entity.
  7. You may not use Cellet trademarks in any manner that directly or indirectly expresses or implies Cellet sponsorship, affiliation, certification, approval, or endorsement in relation to your product or service or in such a manner that it appears that Cellet is legally associated with your company.
  8. You may not use any Cellet trademark, including web logos or any other Cellet logo trademark, on or in connection with a website that provides download links for a fee (whether directly or indirectly via a subscription model or the like) for any Cellet product or service, especially for freeware, without the express written permission of Cellet.
  9. An Cellet trademark may not be the most prominent visual element on packaging, a download page, app store marketing, or other marketing materials for your product or service. Your company name or logo, your product or service name, and your graphic identity should be significantly larger than any Cellet trademark.
  10. If you refer to an Cellet product, you should use the full name of the product in the first and most prominent reference. When using an Cellet trademark, mark it with a ® as shown in the Cellet trademark database for general distribution.
  11. You may not shorten, abbreviate, or modify any Cellet trademark. Always spell out and capitalize Cellet’s trademarks exactly as they appear in the Cellet trademark database for general distribution.
  12. You should include the following trademark attribution statement: “[List of marks used, with ‘Cellet’ first, if used, followed by other Cellet marks used, in alphabetical order] are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Cellet, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.”