CCSAMS35YL - Cellet Arium French Bumper Flip Cover Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 ; Canary Yellow


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Protect your Samsung Galaxy S3 with edge and style with the Cellet Arium French Bumper Flip Cover Case. Constructed of elastomer, polycarbonate and steel, this flip cover case provides anti-shock and all around protection for your Samsung Galaxy S3. The inside flip cover is made of synthetic suede that will not scratch your phone screen. Made of durable heavy duty plastic, the case itself protects all sides of the phone. The lightweight and easy snap on case does not add extra bulk to your device and it allows full accessibility to all controls, buttons and camera holes.

- Trendy/modernistic design
- All phone features are accessible
- Provides superior protection from everyday harm such as scratches, abrasions and dust.
- Simple installation ??? just snap on and off
- Various colors available

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